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Living with tooth loss, damage, or decay is stressful — but advances in dentures and dental technology mean solutions are better than ever.

With options like full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures, we can completely customize your dentistry results.

To learn more about how dentures from South Point Family Dentistry can restore your smile, visit us in Belmont, NC, near Charlotte.

You're a Candidate for Dentures If...

You Have Decayed Teeth

While our first priority is to save your natural teeth, in some cases, the only option is to remove decayed teeth. Dentures can then replace a full arch or all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. For cases affecting just one to three teeth, we offer simpler options like crowns or bridges.

You Have Tooth Trauma

From accidents to decades of teeth grinding, tooth trauma can lead to severely damaged or missing teeth. Luckily, with the help of extractions and dentures, our Belmont, NC, dentists can help you get your smile back.

You Have Missing Teeth

Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and tooth breakage — there are many reasons why our Charlotte-area patients have lost their teeth. The one thing they all have in common? Finding a solution from dentists that truly care about their health and happiness.

What Types of Dentures Do Our Dentists Provide?

Our Belmont dentists create custom treatment plans to address your unique needs. Depending on your smile, budget, and preferences, we offer dentures like:

Partial Dentures

You don't have to have lost all of your teeth to qualify for dentures. For patients who need to restore gaps left by several missing teeth or teeth missing throughout an arch, partial dentures offer a solution.

Partial dentures cover a portion of your upper or lower arch, replacing the teeth you've lost and restoring functionality and beauty to your smile.

Ask About Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, or full dentures, are designed to restore your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Traditional complete dentures are removable, allowing you to take them out and clean them at the end of the day.

They can be truly life-changing for patients who have lost all their teeth or experienced extensive damage or decay.

Ask About Complete Dentures

Choose a Dentistry Practice That Offers a Wide Range of Options

If you've experienced tooth loss, you have options. Our Belmont dentistry practice offers partial dentures and traditional dentures, as well as dental bridges, dental crowns, and full mouth reconstruction.

That way, even if you're not a candidate for dentures, you can still find a dental treatment that works best for you. Not to mention, our dentists offer gum disease treatment and TMJ treatment, allowing us to address the root causes of your dental problems.

Even our appointment times have extra options. We proudly offer early-morning and late hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday to Thursday as well as Saturday appointments from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. To learn more about how our caring dentists can help you, contact South Point Family Dentistry, serving the Charlotte, NC, area, or call

(704) 825-5111

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For over 40 years, patients throughout Gaston County and Mecklenburg County, NC, have visited South Point Family Dentistry for their dentures. See why they keep coming back to our office.

Save Time Today

After living so long without a complete smile, we don't want you to have to wait much longer. You can save time by printing and filling out these forms before your dentures consultation. Have questions during the process? We're always happy to answer them.

A Belmont, NC, Dental Team That Truly Cares About You


Reginald B

Belmont, NC


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I had a wonderful and informative experience. Amber and Dr. Starr were great. I'm a stickler on professionalism and presentation and they had both plus some. Highly recommended.

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Greg Erickson

Belmont, NC


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This place fixed my dental issues when I relocated to this area in 2016. They will take good care of you. This practice will attend to your dental health and will make sure that you are comfortable. All of the staff members have a smile and they want you to leave on a happy feeling!

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Want an Upgrade? Consider Implants

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Dental implant-supported dentures address the common concerns many patients have about traditional dentures, from looseness to appearance. That's because they're secured to your jaw and gums via dental implants.

Implant-supported dentures are secure and discreet, giving patients a restoration that's as close to their natural teeth as possible.

If you're curious about dental implant-supported dentures, we can help. Our dentists can create your restoration and refer you to a trusted team for implant placement, giving you back the smile you've missed for so long.

See the Difference Made Possible by Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants quite literally address the root of your tooth loss symptoms, like bone loss and regular functionality. Implants are metal posts that replace your tooth's natural roots, securing restorations like dentures and crowns via an abutment. 

The Benefits of Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Our Belmont dentistry practice offers traditional dentures and coordinates placement for implant-supported dentures. Not sure where to begin? We'll walk you through the benefits of each option.

Why Patients Choose Traditional Dentures

They're More Affordable

For patients paying out of pocket, the cost of traditional dentures is significantly cheaper.

They Have More Robust Insurance Coverage

Dental implants are not covered by insurance. Traditional dentures, however, tend to have more coverage.

They Involve Quick, Easy Treatment

Implant-supported dentures require surgery, as well as time to heal, but traditional dentures can be used immediately.

A Trusted Dentistry Practice Treating Patients From Charlotte, NC, and Beyond


Heather Gering

Belmont, NC


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This place is the absolute best. I first want to say just how absolutely amazing all of the front desk workers of this place are. They're literally the nicest people I've ever encountered in my life. On the phone and in-person, it doesn't matter. They're so kind and helpful and just the best. I literally cried after the first time I called because they were just so genuine and kind. I can't personally speak for all the doctors, but I see Dr. Rodda and he is an absolute delight. He is very understanding and has been amazingly helpful in making a plan for my care and has made going to the dentist a much more pleasant and less stressful experience than I've had in the past. I couldn't recommend a place higher. If you're looking for a dentist, this is the place to go.

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Tonya Bumgardner

Belmont, NC


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Top notch!

Been going to this office for many years. Referred my friends and family as well!

Dr. McCord and his staff are very friendly and personable!

They take the time to get to know you and care about you as a person. Not only do they go the extra mile to take care of your dental needs, but your overall well-being!

They go above and beyond! Love it here!!!

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Why Patients Choose Implant-Supported Dentures

They're More Secure

Unlike removable traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures remain in place unless removed by your dentist.

They're More Functional

With implant-supported dentures, you can chew and talk with ease, almost as if you have your natural teeth.

They Protect Your Jawbone

When patients lose teeth, the bone nearby can deteriorate and cause visible sinking. Implants prevent this by stimulating your bone.

Balancing Costs With Multiple Payment Options

When it comes to dentures treatment, our Belmont team accepts several different payment options:

Dental Insurance

We accept multiple types of dental insurance. Patients can typically expect insurance to cover at least some of the costs of traditional dentures. Insurance does not cover implant placement, but it may help with the restoration itself.

Cash, Card, or Check

If you do not have insurance, or you need to cover additional costs, we accept a variety of payment options. You're welcome to use cash, most major credit cards, and checks to finalize the balance for your dentures.

Dental Financing

The price tag of dentures doesn't have to be an obstacle.

For the costs that insurance doesn't cover, we accept dental financing from two reputable lenders: CareCredit® and Sunbit.

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South Point Family Dentistry

Drs. Gary McCord, Ashley Starr, Matthew Rodda, and Andrew Price are highly trained dentists who combine advanced training and compassionate care to help patients of all ages achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. They are affiliated with prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • North Carolina Dental Society
  • Academy of General Dentistry

We work with most insurance plans and offer financing. To visit our office, request an appointment online or call us at (704) 825-5111.

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